Worship Life Church

Presence. Equip. Community.

EST. 2021

Download The Worship Life Church Corporate Prayer Confession

Father God, in the name of Jesus, we thank You for calling Worship Life Church as a body of believers that exist to encounter Your presence, equip believers, and build community. We believe that You have positioned Worship Life Church as a voice of revival that will ignite and awaken our generation to heaven’s reality invading the earth.
We pray that Your Kingdom come; Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Father, we declare that we are known throughout the community by our love. As we care for the things that matter to You, You will always take care of the things that concern us. We seek first the Kingdom of God and Your Righteousness; therefore, all things are added unto us.

As watchman on the wall, we cancel every assignment of the enemy set against this region and our global family.  We bind the strongman that rests over Phoenix and beyond and loose the Spirit of the living God. We stand in the gap for those that call WLC home and cover them and their families in prayer regularly, so that no souls are destroyed. We draw the bloodline over each and every person associated with this ministry. And we command death to pass over us until our lives have fulfilled every assignment that heaven has predestined for us.

We bind the spirit of division and loose the spirit of unity within this church.  We walk in agreement with one another and we are in alignment with the Word of God. We pray against every spirit that seeks to keep us from operating on one accord, and we cancel the schemes of the wicked one that seek to cause separation between us. As the Holy Spirit sat on those in the upper room, may Your fire rest on this church. And as they were on one accord, we declare that we shall remain on one accord.

Every time we gather, we take authority over every demonic spirit that would attempt to resist Your agenda, and we contend for environments of supernatural encounters, faith, healing, love, forgiveness, revival, creativity, wisdom, freedom, belonging, deliverance, salvation, revelation, and ultimately a place that You desire to dwell. We submit to Your agenda. We decrease that You may increase. And we surrender to Your will every time we gather. We submit to Your agenda. Father, have Your way in Worship Life Church. We invite You into our lives and into our gatherings, and we decree that liberty is our portion because Your Spirit is always with us.

We destroy every plan and purpose of hell against the members of Worship Life Church, against their families, and we declare that the plans that You have for us SHALL come to pass! We thank You for knowing our end from our beginning, and we thank You for our expected end that contains goodness and peace. Father, we declare growth in all areas of our lives; spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially, for this year and for every year moving forward. We decree destruction upon every work of the devil and his armies engaged in opposition against the commanded blessing of the Lord. We release divine increase and an invasion of multitudes attending our weekly gatherings, hungry for Your presence and transformed by Your Word.

Father, we declare that we are a church that wins souls. We declare that souls are being born into the kingdom of God in unprecedented numbers and fulfilling their heavenly mandate for earthly dominion. We count it all joy and decree that we reap and keep every new convert and disciple them to be mighty ambassadors that will advance the kingdom and glorify You.

We decree heaven’s judgment upon all satanic activities targeted at stalling Your plans for Worship Life Church. Father, silence all evil counselors that seek to dissuade potential converts from coming to Christ, being established in this church, and established in the faith. We call forth supernatural multiplication throughout this year and every year moving forward. Lord God, be an enemy to our enemies and an adversary to our adversaries.
We destroy all satanic oppression sent against us and, we declare freedom and perpetual deliverance from all wickedness for our members, their families, our partners, and all leadership within WLC. May signs, wonders and miracles confirm the word that is preached from this church, every time. Father, give Your angels charge over us to keep, defend, and preserve us in all of our ways.

We thank You for making us a victorious church, in all areas and that we live from that place of victory because of what Jesus did at the cross. We thank You that Worship Life Church, its members, and partners prosper in everything we set our hands to accomplish. WLC is accomplishing great exploits, and we call in every financial resource assigned to us, along with heaven and earth’s resources, to come forth without delay.

We thank You for covering Pastors Brandon & Kelly Roberson as they lead Worship Life Church, submitted to You. Continually clothe them in Your Word, wisdom, and counsel. Thank You for protecting their family. As You were with Abraham, Joseph, David, Daniel, and Jesus, You are with them.

Lord, we thank You for exceeding our expectations in all areas as we release our faith, trusting You to do above and beyond what we may ask or think. Let supernatural breakthroughs occur in every service, member, partner, visitor, and those that we labor with, this year. Let this be a record-breaking year that brings glory to Your name, in Jesus' Name we pray, AMEN!!!